We Care

Torry Harris Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (THRPL) acts for a purpose and a worthwhile cause. We Care (an initiative by Torry Harris Foundation), owns more than 80% stake in THRPL. The drive to succeed needs to go beyond financial gains and profits, beyond even the passion for product and brand, and customer satisfaction - to deliver an end product that makes a difference to people, and society.

Proceeds from THRPL go directly towards the funding of We Care so that each breakthrough and success in THRPL’s exciting future is also a milestone for We Care, and for social opportunity in India as a whole.

We Care is a social enterprise led by members of global consulting firm, Torry Harris Business Solutions (THBS), with active projects in and around Bangalore. Through We Care, THBS aims to restore hope and dignity to those who need it most, providing funding for crucial areas such as education, sanitation and disability welfare, to name a few.

We Care believes that life changes can gather momentum when a simple thing called dignity is restored. Around the world, we work alongside families and individuals to engage, to enable, to offer sustainable solutions that can continue long into the future.

What We Care About

We’re about putting futures back into the hands of individuals, providing opportunities despite backgrounds and limitations. Our aim is to provide a simple step-up for those in needs – whether disabled or undereducated, from a poor background or victims of disaster.

Teaming up and forming links with like-minded social enterprises and government agencies where necessary, as well as raising funding ourselves, we’re committed to redressing the balance, one vital project at a time.

Human Dignity

Poverty and natural disaster are global problems that can happen either over time, or at any time, and it is our belief that it is not the root cause of destitution or difficulty that is important; rather, it is the consequences that must be tackled. And in so many cases, the consequence is loss of dignity.

After the event, whatever the context, the aim must be to grow and change, and to provide the means, knowledge and education to do so. If we can use our skills and leverage to make a tangible difference, a difference that goes beyond the monetary or the short-term, then we’ll be some way towards achieving our goal.

The World As We See It

With many of the most disadvantaged people living rurally, often not within travelling distance of employment, the concern is that vital help can fail to reach all those that need it – and even when a link is made, the fact is that much more can, and should, be done.

We believe this is the role of the non-profit, the vital purpose of charity. By working together to build on the confidence, skills and aspirations of the less able, the less privileged and sometimes the simply unfortunate, we believe we can be part of a much-needed catalyst for change.

We Care Initiatives at a Glance

Sishu Vikalanga Sadan
Snehadeep - All India Blind Football Tournament
Snehadeep - All India Blind Football Tournament
Computer Training for Visually Impaired
Computer Training for Visually Impaired
Blood Donation Camp
Sports & Cultural Programme
Tree Plantation Camp