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About Us

Ina country where cuisine sits at the heart of a rich tradition, at Torry Harris Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. we know what it takes to impress. Whether you’re on the go after a lunchtime meeting, or want to hire our catering services for your office or function, our world-class Central Kitchen offers a high-quality, consistently good menu in immaculate, state-of-the-art surroundings.

In collaboration with the renowned Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian, Spain, we present a distribution center synonymous with reliability and optimal hygiene, and a service with an unrivalled reputation for customer satisfaction. Our catering functions run in tandem from this single, 18,000sqft unit, offering a unique level of quality control across the brand as a whole.

Our ambitions are simple: to provide food of the highest standard, delivered with no fuss, at a decent price. We are passionate about our food, but we’re also convinced that good food goes hand-in-hand with good service. We are driven by simplicity of process and of concept, but there’s always room for artistic flair! Our value comes not just from affordable prices and unrivalled efficiency, but also from dedicated attention to each customer.

What We Do

Cafeteria Services

We provide daily catering of breakfast, lunch and dinner for offices, corporations, start-ups, banquet halls, venues as well as institutions. Our cafeteria services are designed to encourage employee wellness. We emphasize on nutrition by using minimally-processed seasonal ingredients, while catering to everyone’s dietary needs.

Corporate Events

If you are planning an event for the whole company; a quarterly lunch, a safety meeting, or a holiday party, we will make it easy for you. Our catering team will customize the menu and set of services to fit your needs and your budget. We can dish out unmatched catering services for large gatherings and can reduce your budgets by over 30%.

Social Events and Weddings

F&B services for your occasion, we pioneer in customizing a menu according to the theme or tastes. A plan to meet customer’s expectations with specialized services which fits into your budget. We cater food cooked under hygienic conditions with great taste. No better way to bring a smile on someone’s face through your event.

Executive Dining

We dish out super exciting high-end dining options for executives. Our menus are created by professional chefs and evaluated by our team of dieticians and nutritionists. We deliver and set up your meal in your office and provide everything you need. During clients’ visits, our amazing range of dishes takes up your hospitality quotient to a new level.

Our Kitchen

Our central kitchen marks an exciting cross-cultural collaboration with the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian, Spain. The BCC is a pioneering academic institution with links globally, created by seven of the top Basque chefs and with the added involvement of eleven of the most influential chefs in the world.

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Raymond, Cafeteria Vendor Management Manager, KPMG

"Excellent quality of food and unparalleled service. Wide variety in menu with a balance between various cuisines."

Rahul Nanda, Head, Business Alliances, Cater Ninja

"Always exceeds expectations. Both on food quality and hospitality. On time , Everytime."

Harini GG, EY, UB City

"Very professional and appreciate the quality and variety."

Mugdha Bookar, EY, Divyashree Chambers

"On time, good and hygienic food and excellent service."

Shruti Kulkarni, ADI Electronics, Whitefield Road, Hoodi

"Good variety and excellent quality. Very good menu composition, one does not tend to get bored by the daily changing menu."

Sanjit Sinha, Northern Operating Services, Manyata Tech Park

"Very good service at the location."

Shankar Rao, THBS, Sona Towers, Millers Road

"They offer good food with great variety. I am pleased with their service and quality of food."

Diganta Kumar Barooah, THBS, Sona Towers, Millers Road

"I must say that the food quality is great. You get good food at a reasonable price. Very impressed!"

We Care

Torry Harris Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (THRPL) acts for a purpose and a worthwhile cause. We Care (an initiative by Torry Harris Foundation), owns more than 80% stake in THRPL. The drive to succeed needs to go beyond financial gains and profits, beyond even the passion for product and brand, and customer satisfaction - to deliver an end product that makes a difference to people, and society.

Proceeds from THRPL go directly towards the funding of We Care so that each breakthrough and success in THRPL’s exciting future is also a milestone for We Care, and for social opportunity in India as a whole.

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